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Vocal Technique: Boring Exercises That Will Make You a Better Singer

August 3, 2011

That exercises are non-musical/non-expressive could be obvious. How can one compare the expressive potential of a Bach Passion aria with an ascending and descending major triad? Dig a little deeper, though, and I hope that you will apprehend my point: It is technically valuable to exercise the voice without the imposed layer of an expressive construct, specifically because the desire to express something often engenders unnecessary layers of muscular tension.

With this in mind, this month I present a series of exercises initially designed by voice scientists to help rehabilitate the voices of non-singers. These exercises not only serve a “non-expressive” function, but also fill a likely gap in your practice routine, namely isometric exercises. Scientifically measured benefits to the inclusion of these exercises in a regular practice regimen includes increased awareness of breath control, increased sense of relaxation during both inhalation and exhalation, decreased rate of airflow while singing (and decreased sub-glottal pressure), increased phonation volume, increased maximum phonation time, and many more…

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Opera Corner: Young Artist Programs

August 3, 2011

Greetings from New York City, and welcome to the first article in a series called, Opera Corner.  Here you will find information on countertenors and their place in the opera world. I begin with a personal exploration of Regional Opera Apprenticeship programs in America. While YAPs exist to serve aspiring singers, those singers must also serve the needs of the program.

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Countertenor Stephen Wallace Interviewed on RTE radio

August 3, 2011

I stumbled upon this interesting interview of countertenor Stephen Wallace given on Irish National Radio. Excerpts of his singing, as well as some astute observations on the history of the countertenor voice and technique follow.

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