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TCV Turns One Today… Our Most Popular Posts from 2011

January 1, 2012

One year ago today, The Countertenor Voice published its first issue.  We have published around sixty articles on vocal technique and the singing life, as well as in depth reviews of recordings and artists.  THANKS TO EVERYONE who has read, shared, and commented on these pieces. Extra special thanks to my team of writers (Oliver Camacho, Nicholas Tamagna, Bryan DeSilva, Henry Lebedinsky, Tai Oney, Frank Richards, and Dr. Peter Hennen).  What a nice little countertenor community we have formed here :-) .

I want to re-share our top five most popular articles from 2011.  Maybe you missed them the first time around, maybe you will enjoy re-reading them now that some time has passed.

To all our readers across the internet world, happy new year, and best wishes for 2012.

Now go practice.

Seriously… go now… :-)

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