Opera Corner

Opera Corner: Stile Recitativo

September 2, 2011

Welcome back to the Opera Corner. I was initially overwhelmed by the number of potential topics for this back-to-school month. However, I was inspired by a subject that not only takes you back to basics, but also requires time and study: Italian recitative. I will specifically be discussing recitative in the tradition of opera seria (the noble and serious style of Italian opera that was popular in Europe in the 18th century). This musical form, basically the dramatic declamation of text to music, is infused with a sense of poetic purpose, text, and character. Despite (or perhaps because of) this implied freedom, the word recitative can conjure a feeling of unease for many singers…

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Opera Corner: Young Artist Programs

August 3, 2011

Greetings from New York City, and welcome to the first article in a series called, Opera Corner.  Here you will find information on countertenors and their place in the opera world. I begin with a personal exploration of Regional Opera Apprenticeship programs in America. While YAPs exist to serve aspiring singers, those singers must also serve the needs of the program.

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